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I am an ultramarathon runner from Croatia/Bosnia/Sweden.

Originally  I’m from Croatia, but some stage of my life I lived in Bosnia and now I’m living and working in Sweden.

As a teenage boy I was practising different kind of sports, but getting married, having kids made me reorganize my free time. I started running, because it took much less time to fulfill my need to exercise. Over the years it became part of my life.

My disciplines are marathons, ultramarathons (6h, 12h, 24h) and ultratrail races (100k, 50 miles, 100 miles), etc…I’m also competing at the EU and World Championships in ultramarathon 24h road race and trail races.

My biggest support is my familly.

My adventures and PB

24h – 241,007 km

12h – 121,848 km

6h – 75,483 km


UTMB / 170km / 10225+

Lavaredo Ultra Trail 120km / 6450m+

100 Miles of Istria 170.9km / 7125m+

100 Miles of Istria 107.6km / 4475m+

FKT Bohusleden 350 km – 62:24:39

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About me

I’m a trail and ultra marathon runner, mountain and nature lover.


What others wrote about me:

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